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Migrating data to new applications adds significant overheads to project implementations. Vital data contained within legacy applications often requires significant effort to configure and load, holding back the benefits of new applications.
Data Loader is an easy-to-use data migration tool that quickly converts and loads existing data into new applications. Its simple interface means that it can be used by non-technical employees, giving end-users an active role in the implementation and support of any system.

Data Loader loads data into any application running in Windows, and contains extra functionality for loading data and setup into various ERP applications. Data Loader is far and away the most popular end-user-friendly data conversion tool available today.

Why Use Data Loader?

Non-technical users can easily configure and load data into any system. Recommended by various systems integrators, Data Loader contains specific additional features to load large volumes of data in any implementation of ERP Systems. Data Loader is available in Classic and Professional editions, catering to all types of application implementation from the simple to the complex ERP applications.

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Further Information

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